The company HIGHDRO SYSTEMS has as purpose and main activity the construction of specialized systems for water treatment (water filters, reverse osmosis, softener, removal of manganese, decontamination, deionization, swimming pools and UV), as well as special energy saving projects. With the above-mentioned methods that are now widespread, HIGHDRO finds application for improving and purification primary water in hotel units, industries, greenhouses, ships-marinas, hospitals, swimming pools, dining areas, municipalities as well as in homes.

In the design and construction of new installations, as well as in the upgrade of existing ones, HIGHDRO selects and proposes targeted solutions that meet the requirements for each application separately. As a company we always support our proposals on two axes. That is, the fact that there is no cheaper energy than the energy it does not need to be produced and and when we ensure that the required energy is minimal, it must be produced from renewable energy sources. (CHAR. PL.).

HIGHDRO, through its years of experience and presence in the field, has established stable partnerships with well-known companies in the field and is jointly studying, designing and implementing state of the art projects in the field of water treatment, waste waters and energy saving.