Reconstruction and energy upgrading of a central engine room for the production of hot water and air conditioning of the hotel.

Hotel class: 4 stars, monoblock 680 beds

  • The energy upgrade took place in three stages from 2014 until 2016.
  • Optimization of the existing 332,8m2 electric field with the installation of dynamic balancing valves, a new heat exchanger of ALFA LAVAL with operating conditions between the two 1.6 OC (L.M.T.D = 1.6 OC) circuits.
  • Refurbishment of DHW storage tanks and replacement of new polypropylene (PPR clima & faser) networks by the German company Aquatherm with 13mm mesh insulation.
  • Replacement of air-conditioning and DHW circulators with new GRUNDFOS inverters with high energy efficiency.
  • Replacing existing BMS automation with a new, open-plan PLC type PLC from Siemens with remote engine room communication and visualization of equipment via PC, Smartphone's and tablets. Merging peripheral power and automation powerboards into a new one with separate fields for automation and powerfully installing energy analyzers in each basic consumption group.

Qualitative and economic installation details

  • Reduce oil consumption for hot water production.
  • Daily thermal gain from the solar field in the middle of the hotel's operating season 1.15-1.2 MWh.
  • Consumption savings of> 50% from the synergy of the new BMS and the new inverter circulators for air conditioning and DHW production.
  • Saving electricity from the (chiller) Central Load. This was achieved by reducing the unnecessary recirculation in the air conditioning circuits.
  • Modernization of engine room with new equipment for air conditioning, cold and hot water supply.