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Water Treatment
Saving Systems
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.Geothermal cooling - heating systems

Modern ecological trends and the ever-increasing cost of conventional forms of energy lead to the use of renewable forms of energy.

.Heat pumps

Heat pumps can transfer heat from one environment to another through a refrigerant.

.Engine room upgrades

HIGHDRO undertakes an autopsy on your premises to record the electromechanical installations, mainly the engine rooms, which are the heart of the system.

.Solar Plan

The collection of solar radiation is based on the "greenhouse effect". The solar collector is located in a southern orientation. A large percentage of the sun's radiation penetrates the glass window of the collector and hits the inner surface of the absorber.

.Central engine management systems- B.M.S.

It is an electronic control system that has a graphical display on an electronic PC, mobile and tablet, in order to have easy control of the facilities and to immediately detect a possible malfunction. In this way, rapid and immediate fault detection is achieved.