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Asked Questions

Could I purchase a pump unit for my installation?

HIGHDRO undertakes to carry out an autopsy, to determine the need, to make the appropriate dimensioning and to supply pumping units from collaborating international companies for every kind of need. In addition, it can undertake the installation work, emergency repair and regular maintenance work.

Do you have chemicals for water treatment?

HIGHDRO maintains stock of water treatment chemicals for the operation needs of reverse osmosis units, swimming pools and circuit disinfection against the appearance of the legionella bacterium.

It also has chemicals for industrial use regarding the maintenance of good water quality in operating circuits (oxygen scavenger, pH adjustment, etc.)

Why should I get a water treatment system?

pWater treatment systems are required when the water to be used does not meet the limits set by law for human consumption.

The use of water quality from treatment results in the minimization of damage, corrosion, and deposits in the equipment of each installation. This reduces the total cost of maintenance and repair, while increasing the life of all equipment.

In many cases the basic equipment of an installation presupposes specific water quality specifications for its proper operation, which is achieved through processing.

Adequacy and autonomy in defined water quality, in cases where the needs of the installation are not covered by existing sources.

Can I rent a water treatment system?

HIGHDRO enables lease agreements of water treatment systems, adapted to every kind of need with long-term maintenance contracts, operation, and supervision.

How could I save energy to my installation?

HIGHDRO has specialized engineers with the ability to capture existing ones or /we can design new electromechanical installations. HIGHDRO provides record of the data and the needs of each installation and then we proceed to a technical and financial proposal, which includes the best solution for energy saving, which includes hot water production systems (DHW), energy recovery, use of geothermal and solar energy or combined use of the above.

What is required to choose a water treatment system?

We need to know the chemical composition of the water to be processed, the quality of the final desired product based on your needs, the capacity of the system supply and the available space for the future installation.

Is it possible to reuse wastewater?

HIGHDRO has the know-how to implement projects related to the recycling and treatment of wastewater, industrial or urban, with the possibility of secondary use, such as irrigation.

Do you undertake the maintenance or upgrade of existing systems?

HIGHDRO can undertake the maintenance or/and the upgrade of existing systems by providing innovative high quality solutions with aimed at protecting the environment and saving energy.