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Water Treatment
Prevention of
Legionella disease
Full Description

The Legionella bacterium grows in surface water in clean water, even in distilled water. Ideal propagation conditions of Legionella are presented in the water distribution networks and especially in the hot water distribution network. The presence of organic and inorganic substances as well as microorganisms in the water favors the formation of colonies on the inner surface of the ducts.

The number of colonies increases to form a membrane that is a source of potential contamination of water distribution networks, constantly releasing microorganisms into the drinking water.

The problem of biofilm formation becomes more acute mainly in large buildings with a complex and extensive piping system.

In order to prevent the occurrence of the disease, it is necessary to take systematic appropriate measures for the proper operation of hotel facilities, hospitals, thermal baths, sports facilities, etc.

New ways to deal with legionella

Use of chlorine dioxide DYOZON 100L.

DYOZON 100L offers an effective and at the same time economical solution in the fight against legionella. The action of the disinfectant is based on the use of stabilized chlorine dioxide.

Production of chlorine dioxide OXIPERM PRO.

The OXIPERM PRO system is ideal in applications for the control of microbes and pathogenic microorganisms as well as for the control of Legionella disease. The system can be installed in confined spaces and access to the front of the system must be ensured for proper operation and maintenance. Its robust design ensures high operational reliability and low maintenance costs, while the control system offers simple and user-friendly operation for a wide range of drinking water disinfection applications.

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