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Water Treatment
Full description

.Reverse osmosis

Reverse osmosis is defined as the treatment of raw water, which, by means of pumps, forces the water to pass through an array of polyamide films that selectively allows only the water molecules to pass through it.


Softening is the process by replacing ions that increase the hardness (carbonate and magnesium salts) of water with sodium ions in a process called ion exchange, creating salts that are more water soluble and stable and do not build up deposits.


.Ultrafiltration is a process of separating and removing substances in sizes ranging from 0.005μm to 0.2 μm using membranes with a capillary form with a small pore diameter. These membranes are capable of successfully retaining suspended solid particles, bacteria, parasites, viruses, as well as organic and inorganic polymeric molecules.


Disinfection-Ultraviolet can be done in a variety of ways, and the method followed is first related to the degree of contamination that raw water can have and secondly to the intended use.

.Systems of iron & manganese removal

HIGHDRO undertakes to dimension systems of iron removal or manganese removal in cases of remediation of untreated water that exceed the permissible limits of the drinking water legislation. The upper limit for iron is 200 μg / liter and for manganese 50 μg / lt.

.Swimming pools

HIGHDRO undertakes the design and construction of swimming pools in luxury homes, hotels and Spa, as well as installing dosing systems for stable chlorination and stable ph in water. It also provides electrochlorination systems and supply of consumable products for their maintenance.

.Ultraviolet radiation

The ultraviolet Disinfection-Ultraviolet method is widespread and effective in eliminating microorganisms such as microbes, viruses and fungi.