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Reverse Osmosis Unit for brackish water treatment installed on a stainless steel scaffolding with a capacity of 400 lt/h.


  • Company: Cafe
  • Industry: Cafe
  • Started: 18/01/2022
  • Area: Heraklion, Crete
  • Activity type: Water Treatment
  • Delivered: 26/03/2022

The installation of the equipment has been made on a stainless steel scaffold and in custom dimensions for the installation needs. It has an ultraviolet system at the pre-treatment stage for preventive disinfection of raw water. The unit has a mimic chart touch screen and a text message sending system to the user via the GSM modem in the event of some errors or warnings being triggered. The design has been based on the fact that the water produced will be drinkable (for human use).

Qualitative and economic installation details

Electrical conductivity of finished produced water: 210-250 (μs / cm).

Hardness in German grades of finished produced water: 4 (od).

System recovery rate: 85% (relationship between raw water and final product).

Cost of water production per cubic meter: < 0.45€/m3 (Including cost of electricity, consumables and chemicals, yearly maintenance and replacement of polyamide membranes at 5 years).