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Reconstruction and energy upgrading of a central engine room for the production of hot water.


  • Company: Kirki Hotel
  • Industry: Hotel - 4 stars, bungalows 150 beds.
  • Started: 18/01/2022
  • Area: Heraklion, Crete
  • Activity type: Water Treatment
  • Delivered: 26/03/2022

The energy upgrade took place in 2014.

Installation of a new solar field with Nobel selective surface collectors, dynamic balancing valves, a new ALFA LAVAL heat exchanger with operating conditions between the two circuits 1 OC (L.M.T.D = 1OC).

Installation of GRUNDFOS circulators with high energy efficiency inverter for the needs of the solar field.

Installation of a thermal warehouse and DHW production plants of the German Vaillant house.

Siemens BMS automation installation with remote engine room communication and visualization of equipment via PC, Smartphone's and tablets.

Qualitative and economic installation details

Minimize boiler operation for DHW production needs with consumption of only 8 lt / day. Daily fuel consumption before the new was 75lt.

The solar field is dimensioned so that it can cover up to 90% of the daily consumption for DHW.

The production of DHW. is done in real time, this means that hot water is not stored for use but from the installation of water production at the moment of consumption. The advantages of this method are many, such as: The legionella bacteria can not grow. Also increase the lifetime of the thermal warehouse. It is not fed with "fresh" water because it is a closed circuit, so oxygen does not enter the system that creates oxydoses.

Modernization of engine room with new equipment for cold and hot water supply.