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Reconstruction and energy upgrading of a central engine room for the production of hot water and air conditioning of the hotel.


  • Company: Sirens Beach
  • Industry: Hotel - 4 stars
  • Started: 18/01/2022
  • Area: Heraklion, Crete
  • Activity type: Water Treatment
  • Delivered: 26/03/2022

The energy upgrade took place in three stages from 2014 until 2016.

Optimization of the existing 332,8m2 electric field with the installation of dynamic balancing valves, a new heat exchanger of ALFA LAVAL with operating conditions between the two 1.6 OC (L.M.T.D = 1.6 OC) circuits.

Refurbishment of DHW storage tanks and replacement of new polypropylene (PPR clima & faser) networks by the German company Aquatherm with 13mm mesh insulation.

Replacement of air-conditioning and DHW circulators with new GRUNDFOS inverters with high energy efficiency.

Replacing existing BMS automation with a new, open-plan PLC type PLC from Siemens with remote engine room communication and visualization of equipment via PC, Smartphone's and tablets. Merging peripheral power and automation powerboards into a new one with separate fields for automation and powerfully installing energy analyzers in each basic consumption group.

Qualitative and economic installation details

Reduce oil consumption for hot water production.

Daily thermal gain from the solar field in the middle of the hotel's operating season 1.15-1.2 MWh.

Consumption savings of> 50% from the synergy of the new BMS and the new inverter circulators for air conditioning and DHW production.

Saving electricity from the (chiller) Central Load. This was achieved by reducing the unnecessary recirculation in the air conditioning circuits.

Modernization of engine room with new equipment for air conditioning, cold and hot water supply